• Advanced Traits
    • Rage

    Melee Attacks grant 8 Rage.

    Gain 1 Rage when taking Damage equal to the sum of 1% of Maximum Life and Maximum Energy Shield.

    Attack Speed +1% for every 5 Rage.

    Reduce Rage by 2 per second after not gaining any Rage for 3 seconds

    Click the Rage bar at maximum Rage to enter Berserk, gaining double the Maximum Rage bonus and Movement Speed +30%. Melee skills no longer grant Rage, but instead consume 8 Rage until Rage bar runs out.

  • 15
  • 32
  • 50
  • 62
  • 80

During Berserk, triggers Burst once on hit. CD: 0.4s.

Increases Burst Damage by 1% per level.